We Consistently book 50-60 sales calls for a digital marketing agency each month, doubling their total sales volume.


Outbound Requests

418 / 395

418 Connections and 395 Emails Collected


55 Meetings Booked – ~$1.42MM Sales Pipeline Generated


Because our competitors are also ad agencies, traditional channels like Facebook ads, Google Ads, and even LinkedIn ads are fairly competitive. Mass email is also common in our industry but almost always untargeted and the leads are low quality. We wanted a scaleable way to reach decision makers at companies that would truly benefit from our growth help. This means booking 1-on-1 calls with these decision makers to go over our services and to audit their ad accounts. The goal was to book at east 8 calls a week per sales person. LinkedIn sound like they would work, but we hadn’t seen much success as key decision makers typically avoid LinkedIn Ads.


We realized that LinkedIn, in general, was a great platform if you can get connected to the right person at the right companies (seems obvious we know). We put together 4 seperate audiences on LinkedIn, one extremely broad, one in verticals we had case studies for, one based on our founders’ networks, and another based on company, size, and geo. We targeted people with titles like “growth”, “marketing”, “ecommerce” for the bigger companies, and titles like “CMO”, “Founder”, “COO”, “CEO” for the smaller companies.

We sent out over 2,200 requests on LinkedIn the first month, then followed any questions with a personalized messaging sequence that spanned the month. The goal was to get potential clients on calls and we used Calendly links to help with the bookings. For the prospects that we connected with but didn’t get a response, we built a system to collect emails for 60% – 75% of the prospects and we used direct email and retargeting on Facebook to get prospects interested in booking a free consult. It was this system that started working really well for us.


We booked 55 meetings the first month, which resulted in a business pipeline of ~$1.42MM. We’re now scaling this strategy and using it to help our clients with their business.