Performance-driven marketing solutions.
We drive sales, not empty promises.

Pivot CMO is on a mission to make our clients succeed at all costs – whatever it takes. That’s why we’re hell-bent on data, analysis, and performance.

Why Pivot CMO

Over $100 Million in Trackable
Revenue for clients


of clients double their revenue within their first year with Pivot CMO


average return on ad spend across all Pivot CMO clients


of clients would recommend Pivot CMO to other companies

What we do

We provide a Full Channel approach


Building and optimizing audiences, creatives, funnel on Facebook and Instagram.


Google Search and Display strategies that convert high-intent shoppers.


Predominantly female customer base? Pinterest Ads provide extra scale.


Ecommerce? Amazon drives highly efficient sales at incredible scale.


Conquering search and investing in forever free, organic traffic & customers.


Email drip campaigns that convert new customers, upsell, and drive revenue


Predominantly young male customers? Reddit Ads provide extra scale.


Maximizing funnel efficiency is half the puzzle. We build landing pages that convert.

Our work

Here are some of our case studies


We increased the revenue of an online pharmacy company by 4,174% in 2 months.

Our client faced extreme competition in the pharmaceutical space, but we managed to 41x their revenue leveraging Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and SEO.


We increased number of monthly new subscriptions by 185% in 1 month. Scaled monthly ad spend from $53,213 to $145,815 profitably in 3 months.

Thistle had done a good job scaling their ad spend on Facebook to a certain point but were struggling to increase their growth due to dramatic efficiency changes every time they increased spend.

Career Karma

We reduced cost per sign-up from $29.40 to $4.67 in 3 months Increased number of sign-ups by 948% in 3 months

The coding bootcamp space is both extremely competitive and saturated as it’s become really popular for those that are looking to make career changes. Because of the high income from employer recruiting fees, there has also been an influx of actual coding bootcamps that have started.


We tripled the revenue of a multi-million dollar apparel Ecommerce store in 1 month.

Our client was an established apparel company doing $1MM+ in annual revenue but we still managed to triple their revenue within 1 month through Facebook and Instagram ads.


Mylk Guys

We increased sales volume by 338% in 1 month. Increased revenue by 332% in 2 months with 5.29X ROAS

The grocery space is known for its razor thin margins and competitiveness especially with big companies like Amazon and Walmart entering the online delivery space. Mylk Guys wanted to scale it’s online Vegan grocery store without having to finance too much of its growth.


We scaled a fitness startup from $0 to $225,000 PROFIT in 2 months with $21,000 of ad spend.

Our client came to us with 0 traction and needed help getting customers. Within 30-60 days we took the company from zero to a 7-figure run rate with Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Reddit Ads.

RELA Prospect

We decreased lead cost by 75% for a real estate SaaS company in 2 months.

Our client is a real estate enterprise SaaS Platform. Using Google Adwords and Facebook lead form ads, we decreased qualified lead costs from $100 to $25.


What they say about us

Peter Wang

CEO | Honeybee Health

“The Pivot team came in and took over all all of our marketing. In just a few weeks we’ve 5x’d our monthly revenue and we’re growing. They feel like they’re truly part of our team, and they’ve worked with every one here seamlessly.”

Michael Moshi

CEO | Lauren Moshi

“Pivot CMO tripled our B2C monthly revenue in the first 2 months. We’re growing via Facebook Ads faster than ever before unlocking a whole new revenue stream – Pivot CMO has become an integral part of our business growth.”

Lucas Pols

Principal | Quake Capital

“We bring Pivot CMO in to talk ALL of the companies we invest in. Pivot has helped these companies unlock growth and build their businesses. Our Founders love the team and have requested them back every single time”


The Pivot CMO Founders

Shawn Sheikh

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Shawn is a Silicon Valley & Beach serial entrepreneur and Y Combinator alumni. His specialty is helping companies scale from $0 to multi millions in revenue via conventional paid acquisition and non conventional growth hacks. After exiting his most recent business, Solve (YC S17), Shawn spent time mentoring and advising companies at a few of LA’s top venture capital firms, while incubating a number of Saas and eCommerce brands. He also spent time at Guthy Renker a multi billion dollar direct marketing firm that creating top brands such as Proactiv. Apart from Pivot CMO Shawn loves to work with founders to find creative ways to scale.

Fred Chiang

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Fred has a track record of helping Silicon Valley companies achieve incredible scale through organic and paid strategies. With a background in both performance marketing and software engineering, Fred has built a number of proprietary tools and algorithms that dramatically boost marketing and ad performance. Fred is hyper focused on data driven insights and leads all media efforts at Pivot CMO. Through his work, Pivot CMO is able to deliver unparalleled performance and insights into clients’ customer journey. Apart from this, he’s built and sold a number of Ecommerce and SaaS businesses over his career including a men’s fashion wear company, a real estate marketing business and a digital fitness business. Fred’s also an Angel investor and advisor to a number of startups in LA and SF.