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long term retention exponentially
increases revenue and LTV

Digital Marketing through PPC and Paid Social avenues is an effective means of customer acquisition, but it is just the first step in establishing a relationship between your brand, and your customers. Email marketing is a means of connecting with consumers beyond a “buyer / seller” relationship. It’s the best way to grab and retain new and existing customers. Most importantly if you are looking to retain your buyers and increase LTV, email marketing is the way to go.

Without a good email marketing strategy, you are leaving mountains of untapped potential, meaning you are leaving money on the table.

Email Marketing for eCommerce

Your eCommerce email marketing should make up about of your store’s total revenue.
There are a handful of factors to consider when gauging the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns:


Domain Legitimacy

Are your emails reaching the customer, or are they getting lost in Spam? We know how to ensure that the sending domains stay fresh.

Campaign Segmentation

Campaign Segmentation

Are you hitting the right customers
the right message?

Flow Optimization​

Flow Optimization

Are you hitting the right customers
the right opportunity?

Email Layout

Email Layout

Are your emails visually captivating and easy to digest? Let us help you put together some email eye candy, consistent with your brand.

Brand Rapport​

Brand Rapport

Are your emails an opportunity to connect, or do they feel like a money grab?

Email Marketing Isn’t
“Fire and Forget” Marketing

Email Marketing for eCommerce is a tool to be leveraged as a huge revenue driver and tool for customer retention and LTV. You have to be hyber-deliberate and thoughtful when composing an outreach strategy. You are helping your customers by offering incentives for something they liked, but maybe couldn’t afford at the listed price, or helping them complete a set after purchasing “just the bottoms”. 

eComm Email Marketing
Case Study

After quadrupling Google ad spend with a 6X return for a sustainable athleisure brand, we suggested letting us take over their email marketing initiative. During one of our monthly strategies, while offering a double-point incentive for existing members, and new product releases for past purchasers, we were able to generate over $1.8 Million in revenue directly from Klaviyo. It was a 470X return on investment.

Strong Email Marketing Is the Answer to Rising CPMs

Customer Acquisition is a must, but in this market, brands can no longer afford to leave well enough alone. New customer acquisition is expensive. Retention is key. Inefficient or nonexistent email marketing campaigns leave valuable data alone to gather dust. If you and your team are scratching your heads trying to figure out how to consistently generate revenue in a post-iOS 14.5 marketing landscape, then look no further. The revenue has been hiding under your noses the whole time.

Our eComm Email Marketing Process

  1. Execute a thorough Brand Audit to develop a customized retention and new customer strategy.
    • We offer a complimentary email audit, diving into what you are doing right, and which aspects of your email marketing strategy could be negatively impacting your efficiency.
    • Don’t have an email marketing strategy set up? No problem! Let us dive into your online store to familiarize ourselves with the brand and its’ offers and we will provide an initial strategy for tackling this huge revenue booster!
  1. Complete technical setup and configure integrations.
    • All of the widgets and doo-dads you might need in order to guarantee optimal results. We want to be able to ensure the accuracy of attribution.
  1. Compose strategic branded creative and copywriting.
    • We take your digital assets and turn them into compelling CTA’s that draw the attention of new and repeat purchasers.
  1. Build and optimize site opt-ins (pop up and footer forms).
    • Test different offers to find top performing offers with the best opt-in rate.
    • Conduct routine optimization tests
  1. Create full dynamic list segmentation (VIPs/Members, 30 day engagers, cross-sells, upsells, cart abandoners, etc…)
    • Our expert team will make more advanced email and flow segments based around customer behavior in order to deliberate our efforts and help the right message reach the right user at the right time.
  1. Design, develop, and implement email flows and email campaigns
    • With a data-backed and vetted strategy primed and ready to launch, there’s nothing left but execution. We move quickly.
    • Conduct routine account optimizations (time delays, subject lines, in-body CTAs, email graphics, etc…)
  1. Repeat steps for 3 – 6 for evergreen optimization

But Wait, There’s More!

  • We provide live data reporting and visualization using industry-leading software.
  • We host bi-monthly meetings to go over past results and future strategy, while being wholly open to collaboration (no one knows your brand better than you).
  • We provide and execute go to market launch strategies for special occasions (Holidays, product drops, new offers, informational content, and more).