We 5x’d the revenue of a multimillion dollar apparel eCommerce store in 3 months via Facebook and Instagram ads.


Increase in revenue
within 3 months


Increase in social media ad revenue


Return on Ad


The women’s fashion space, especially online is extremely competitive. Many clothing brands struggle bidding against big stores and wholesalers that have larger ad budget sand SKUs. For years, Lauren Moshi has mainly been a wholesale business selling to Sak’s 5th, Nordstrom, and hundreds of boutique stores around the USA. That being said, like many companies they wanted to take charge of their data, customer service, and in turn increase margins via direct to consumer sales on their website.


We started off adding 2 campaigns, DPA retargeting and Top of Funnel. Top of Funnel had 4 ad sets, all different Lookalike audiences (All-Time Customers, Top Revenue Customers, Past 30 Day Customers, Past 180 Day Customers) since we had the luxury of historical data. That went well, generating 3-4X ROAS (return on ad spend) on around $500/day in spend (limited due to client budget restrictions).

The next test we ran that was hugely successful was segmenting out Lookalike audiences by product type. We realized the customers buying tanks vs bottoms vs sweaters etc were fairly different. Based on this we created 6 different Lookalike audiences based on purchasers of specific product types. This immediately generated 6-8X ROAS on $750/day budgets (again limited).

At this point, we’ve proven that Facebook Ads were an effective channel so our client was willing to spend more money to scale. In order to scale, we implemented a “Day Trading” campaign structure where we set high budgets and turned off ad sets throughout the day based on performance, then turning them back on the next day and re-running. We also started increasing budgets every 2 hours on all profitable ad sets every day (looking at same-day performance). This allowed us to scale to around $4000 per day in spend within 1 week, generating around 5-6X return on ad spend.

Overall, within 3 months we were able to increase our client’s monthly revenue from around $65,000 to well over $300,000 (annual from $800K to $4MM) at a 5X Return on Ad Spend.


Delivered 708% Return on Ad Spend
5x’d revenue of an already multi $MM company
1,019% increase in social media ad revenue