We took an online fitness and weight loss company from $0- $250K in 3 months. They’re now on track to do $1MM in their first year.


ARR in first 3 months


Increase in website
organic traffic


Return on marketing


The fitness space is crowded and extremely competitive. Modern Fit struggled with which channels to pick and with their funnel. They had 0 traffic and were truly starting from scratch. They had a 0.1% conversion rate from site visitor to purchase. Budgets were limited, as they are a startup, so we needed to be very effective in our approach.


We decided to focus our marketing efforts on SEO, Facebook/Instagram, and Reddit Ads. For SEO, we began by doing a full site audit and keyword research. We gave the Modern Fit team a list of a couple hundred keywords that were low competition and likely high conversion for their site. We then got our content team to begin writing articles. Once articles were written and on the site, we did an on page audit to better the link structure and speed of the site. We then began backlink acquisition to raise the site’s trust and citation flow along with page rank. Within 3 months we were ranking top 3 for a handful of terms. Every we new articles are added and our page rankings continue to increase.

For our paid strategy, we started with Reddit, as this was a very low cost way to get data and conversion was high. We deployed about $200 a day at a 6x return on ad spend. These gave additional budget that could be deployed to Facebook for scale. On Facebook, we focused on a low bid strategy with a dozen or so ad sets. Within a few weeks we were on track to do $250K in revenue just in the first 3 months. Paid traffic is steady for Modern Fit, while organic traffic continues to grow each day. Even if anything were to happen on any of the ad platforms (algorithm changes, competition etc), having a solid base for SEO makes Modern Fit’s business extremely defensible.


Increased recurring revenue from $0 to $250K in the first three months. Organic traffic is up 1000% and increasing every month. Proftiable, with an over 6x return on marketing spend