6.56X 1 year ROAS on $70k+ in spend. Improved cost per purchase by 1064%. Increase sales volume by 95X.


1 year ROAS on $70k+ in spend


Improved cost per


Increase in Sales


Nonu sells a line of men’s health products including hair loss, stamina, ED and a number of other products. They distribute in both the Indian and US market. Their two main goals were to increase sales and increase efficiency. When they first came to us, they were unprofitable on the customer’s first purchase meaning they were deficit financing subscription purchases. In order to scale ad budget we really needed to increase efficiency.

THE Strategy

The first thing we found was that the site conversion rate was very low, and the funnel was really unoptimized. We built out segmented landing pages for every product, which improved conversion rate by 85% – a big win for efficiency since poor conversion can destroy even the best ad campaign. We focused on Facebook and Instagram ads as a number of products we were selling required education and we knew we could use creative to bring in customers.

We focused on audience targeting, and granular, segmented audiences for different products. We also leveraged segmented lookalike audiences by product, discount used (to remove discount shoppers from our seed audience), total revenue, total subscription length, and subscription status. On the creative front, we also segmented the product lines, and tailored creatives to specific audiences in order to increase engagement and, in turn, conversion rate on our ads.

With these campaign updates, we saw a huge increase in response rate and efficiency on ad campaigns. When we started, Nonu was unprofitable and deficit financing their growth, but with our optimizations, we were able to not only become profitable on first purchase, but also increase sales volume by 95x.


Through our campaigns we were able to get to a 6.56x ROAS on 1 year LTV with over $70,000 in spend. We improved our cost per purchase by 1,064% and increased sales volume by 95x.