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When Path Social came to us, they weren’t able to spend more than a few hundred dollars per day on Google ads and they were restricted from advertising on Facebook/Instagram even after appealing for months on end. They had gone through 3 agencies all of which couldn’t up spend even though there were hundreds of keywords in the ad accounts. Despite being one of the best in their space, Path Social wasn’t able to scale and finding a consistent way to grow their brand was really a challenge.

THE Solution

Given all the issues with Facebook/Instagram, we decided to start with Google Search. When we first started working on the account, we noticed that there were hundreds of overlapping keywords that were not getting any data. After singling out the top converting/spending keywords that we can consistently get to work, we restructured the account by breaking the keyword categories into ad groups rather than having all of them in one ad group.

With this new focus, we were able to tailor our ads and landing page experiences to just the performing keywords. By doing this, we managed to improve our ad rank and lower our cost per clicks (CPCs) which also allowed us to maximize our search impression share, specifically on non-branded searches. This resulted to a 2.5x in ad spend in the first month while maintaining the same efficiency.

With more consistency and higher spend in the account, we started testing new keyword categories and bidding strategies. In order to use the automated strategies, we knew our first phase had to have consistent performance since a lot of the automated strategies rely on historical data. With more data over the first 6 – 8 weeks working with Path, we were able to switch focus and target CPA. As a result, we were able to get additional 2x on spend and lower our average cost per acquisition by 20% in a month.


Overall, we were able to 5x Path Social’s ad spend, while decreasing cost per acquisition by 20%. Because they’re a subscription product, we’re seeing a 7x return on ad spend in the first year.