The Sculpt Society


Scaled from $0 in spend
in 2 months


Return on Ad Spend


New Subscribers
Per Week


When we started working with The Sculpt Society, they were running a small amount of Google ads, but had very little tracking in place to see which conversions were coming from which platforms. In addition to this, they had multiple business managers that housed different ad accounts and pages so they could not effectively run ads on Facebook / Instagram. There was little to no ad spend on Facebook / Instagram and very little spend on Google UAC, this became a problem as the client was looking to scale.

THE Solution

We worked with the client to set-up Segment in order to send events to Facebook / Instagram and Google ads. Once tracking was in place, we set up custom conversion events to track different funnels on the web and in app, along with multiple thank you pages for different subscription types / levels. This way, all web and in app data could be sent back to Facebook / Instagram and Google so we could accurately track events / conversions throughout the funnel. We also went through every business manager and Facebook / Instagram account to consolidate all of the access into one business manager.

Once tracking was in place we optimized Google UAC and launched Facebook / Instagram ads from scratch. We used their existing customer base to set up segmented lookalike audiences based on subscribers and in app events like videos watched, length of subscription, and upper funnel events such as installs and trials. We also leveraged the beginning of COVID to position The Sculpt Society as a way to “workout from home while having fun”. Our content emphasized the difference between Sculpt and more mundane workout apps and we started to see really solid results.

At the same time we worked with the Sculpt team to finalize the web funnel that we would use for all of our ad channels based on highest efficiency. The nice part about using the web funnel instead of the actual Apple / iOS payments for a good portion of our ad spend, is we were able to help the client avoid paying the 30% fee that Apple takes on all payments. This was a huge win for Sculpt.


We dramatically grew Sculpt’s subscriber base profitably, and we continue to grow. In just our first 2 – 3 month we went from $0 in spend to 6 figures at a 5x return on ad spend (ROAS). We unlocked two big channels for the team – Facebook/Instagram and Google UAC.