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Pivot CMO Leadership

Bryce Henley

Director of Digital Marketing

Bryce is a veteran in the digital marketing space, having worked extensively in paid social (full stack including Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube, SnapChat, TikTok etc), organic social, and influencer marketing. His work has run the gamut from music labels to luxury car companies to CPG brands on the Fortune 500, and his approach has always been focused holistically, in building an ecosystem and foundation of value for his clients, and in being in impeccable communication as a partner in the marketing space. As a director of client strategy at Hawke Media, Bryce cut his teeth in brand strategy and remains a dedicated brand and culture advocate for his team and his clients. Bryce heads the media buying team at Pivot along with client strategy and is an integral part of client account success.

Shawn Sheikh​

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Shawn is a Silicon Valley & Beach serial entrepreneur and Y Combinator alumni. His specialty is helping companies scale from $0 to multi-millions in revenue, through both conventional paid acquisition and non-conventional growth hacks. After exiting his most recent business, Solve (YC S17), Shawn spent time mentoring and advising companies at several of LA’s top venture capital firms, while incubating a number of SaaS and eCommerce brands. He also spent time at Guthy Renker, a multi-billion dollar direct marketing firm (best known for brands such as Proactiv, Meaningful Beauty, IT Cosmetics and Perricone MD). Apart from Pivot CMO, Shawn loves to work with founders to find creative ways to scale their businesses.

Fred Chiang

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Fred has a track record of helping Silicon Valley companies achieve incredible scale through organic and paid strategies. With a background in both performance marketing and software engineering, Fred has built a number of proprietary tools and algorithms that dramatically boost marketing and ad performance. Fred is hyper-focused on data-driven insights and leads all media efforts at Pivot CMO. Through his work, Pivot CMO is able to deliver unparalleled performance and insights into clients’ customer journey. Apart from this, he’s built and sold a number of Ecommerce and SaaS businesses over his career including a men’s fashion wear company, a real estate marketing business, and a digital fitness business. Fred is also an Angel investor and advisor to a number of startups in LA and SF.