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Pivot Los Angeles Is Your One-Stop-Shop To Meet All Of Digital Marketing Needs.

From big-ticket digital marketing channels like Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, and SEO, to newer ad platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest, Pivot LA has got you covered. Our team possesses the experience and know-how to maximize your revenue through whatever media best suits your industry.

Case Studies


Reduced the Cost per Lead by 68% and increased Lead Volume by 17.3x within the first month. By the third month Lead Volume increased 65.91x.

SaaS, Health and Beauty


Within the first month, we increased the number of new monthly subscriptions by 185%. By month three, we profitably scaled monthly ad spend from $53,213 to $145,815.

Food, B2C, Health

Lauren Moshi

Our team multiplied the revenue of this multimillion eCommerce apparel store by 500% in just three short months using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Ecommerce, Apparel, B2C

Our Expertise

We provide a full-channel approach that covers your business on all fronts. Trailblazing iconoclasts developing an advanced digital strategy to help your revenue soar.

Facebook/Instagram Ads
We build all creative, copy, and audience on a segmented foundation. Then with constant, granular testing, we optimize your Ad Accounts to maximize consumer interaction at minimal cost.
Google Adwords
We follow high-intent users across their online endeavors by capitalizing on Google’s algorithms and Responsive Search Ads. Our Shopping ads are likewise segmented to help capture the right audience with the right product at the right moment.
Search Engine Optimization
Optimize your website to generate organic, high-intent traffic and get the most from the time that potential customers spend on your page. Converting would-be window shoppers into repeat customers for free is vital to maximizing your revenue.
TikTok Ads
As one of the first TikTok agency partners, our Los Angeles Team has scaled numerous TikTok Ad Accounts to success. Be one of the first to flourish and scale on this growing platform.
Pinterest Ads
An excellent opportunity to diversify ad spend and tap into a new customer base. Pinterest is the perfect platform to broadcast female-oriented products to the right audience.
Snapchat Ads
Capitalize on younger audiences by reaching them where they spend a significant amount of their time.
Youtube Ads
Access the same audiences and tracking ability that you would find within Google Adwords for a fraction of the price. Video Ads are an excellent opportunity to reach audiences in a compelling way. We can make sure that your video content is yielding the best ROI possible.
Funnel Optimization
With air-tight tracking and attribution included throughout your Ad Accounts, your Funnel will help guide marketing strategy and promote increased revenue and pave the way towards effectively scaling your business.

What do our clients have to say about us?

Peter Wang

CEO | Honeybee Health

“The Pivot team came in and took over all of our marketing. In just a few weeks we’ve 5x’d our monthly revenue and we’re growing. They feel like they’re truly part of our team, and they’ve worked with everyone here seamlessly.”

Michael Moshi

CEO | Lauren Moshi

“Pivot Los Angeles tripled our B2C monthly revenue in the first 2 months. We’re growing via Facebook Ads faster than ever before unlocking a whole new revenue stream – Pivot LA has become an integral part of our business growth.”

Lucas Pols

Principal | Quake Capital

“We bring Pivot in to talk to ALL of the companies we invest in. Pivot has helped these companies unlock growth and build their businesses. Our Founders love the team and have requested them back every single time.”

Our Los Angeles Team

Digital Marketing Experts With Over 50 Years of Combined Agency Experience.

When it comes to the success of your business, you don’t want to settle on a generic Digital Marketing Agency. You need a dedicated partner to cover down on your Ad Accounts with every bit as much interest as you in making your business bloom. Pivot is made up of serial entrepreneurs who have played parts in building business from the ground up and helping them scale and grow. Don’t let the fate of your company lie in the hands of a Digital Marketing Agency too small to help, or too big to care.

Why Pivot?

communication and transparency@2x

Communication & Transparency

We want to work with you, not for you. We aim to build lasting relationships through honest work practices and consistent collaboration. We’re in this together. Hopefully for the long run.

conversion focused@2x

Conversion Focused

Our Digital Marketing team is dedicated to getting the most conversions possible for the lowest amount of money. Getting more for less is how we’ve been able to consistently multiply our clients’ ROIs

granular analysis@2x

Granular Analysis

We don’t just look at what is working and what isn’t. We dig deeper and figure out why they perform the way that they do. Through constant A/B testing, data analysis, and a human element, we identify trends and capitalize on them.

growth mindset@2x

Growth Mindset

As previously stated, the Pivot Digital Marketing Agency shares the mindset of the entrepreneur. We constantly monitor your Google Ads Account and lay the groundwork for scalability. We have everything to gain from skyrocketing your company’s revenue.